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Friday, September 09, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe showcases JoeMaj’s talents for channeling Joe Falls’ old Thinking Out Loud columns and then adds his two cents because this is his blog after all.

JoeMaj “thinking out loud”...

*Amercian Coney or Lafayette? Is there any doubt? Lafayette by a mile. GOS: Yet they both use Dearborn Sausage dogs now.

*When was the last time Michigan and Notre Dame were good in the same season? Survey says!!!!! 1994. GOS: Circle gets the square.

*Michigan and ND will wear “throwup” uniforms this Saturday…...hope they don’t smell as bad as they look. Ok, they are “throwback” uniforms and that’s what they should be…...“Thrown back” to the imaginary world in which they were created! THEY NEVER EXISTED! Sorry for yelling but this has to stop. Ugh. GOS: Alternate jerseys are always ugly. I don’t care. The fact they have to wear another uniform is what is truly at question here. WHY? STOOPID!

*Doug Fister is 6’8”. Can you name a Tiger pitcher that was taller? Me Neither.

*Why do they ask for tips at a Coffee shop? I asked for Coffee and you poured it. This is my tip…..Thank you.

*It rained hard Saturday and I got wet….....You too?

*Brady Hoke reminds me of Fred Flintstone….....Who can dislike Fred?

*I found Wilma rather fetching myself. I bet you preferred Betty. GOS: Of course, Betty has a great combo of sassiness and a nice bum.

*Jim Harbaugh is a college coach and in 4 years I’ll be proven right. Sorry Jim.

*I don’t think the Tigers will blow this lead…...but then again I didn’t think I’d eat the whole Pizza last night….....and I did. GOS: get some Alka Seltzer

*At the end of the movie Field Of Dreams, Ray asked his Dad, “Do you want to have a catch, Dad?” .......I cried. You too? GOS: {sob}, just like Brian’s Song…

*Speaking of movies…....Some of them are really bad.

*I like Popcorn at the movies but not at home…....what gives?

*The NBA may not play this season…...........Meh. GOS: I don’t care even when they DO play.

*Paul Newman was a handsome man….....There I said it. GOS: “I can eat fifty eggs.”

*Indian food should be known as “the finger food that keeps on giving all week long”. I just don’t get it. GOS: I have tried, but I cannot at all understand who likes that food for real, it’s a weird fad to me.

* Is Nicklas Lidstrom as good as Bobby Orr? I think that’s like asking if Shakespeare was as good as Michelangelo . Apples and Oranges.

*But if you asked me for one season it’s Orr but for the career I’d go with Nick Lidstrom.

*Why do people call him Nick “LiNstrom”. That’s like calling Gordie Howe, Gordie Hoo….....for that you’d get a B.C. two hander across the knees and deserve it.

*Final score….Michigan 31-ND 27.

*Ever been to South Bend? I have….........................Meh. GOS: Disagree, it is nice, at least on the ND campus. But that means, well, nothing, who really cares.

*Michigan and ND are 13-13-1 since the series was rekindled back in 1978. Michigan has never beaten ND 3 straight during that span…......That will change Saturday. GOS: I still think we should never play them at all.

*Brian Kelly likes to yell….......a lot.

*I wonder how Pebbles and Bam Bam are doing? GOS: I wonder how Betty is doing…

Posted by Schmoe on 09/09 at 09:19 AM
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Thursday, May 06, 2010

R.I.P. Ernie Harwell

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe remembers a great person, and not just within that man’s profession.

This week, the baseball world lost perhaps the best broadcaster they have ever heard, the Detroit Tiger organization sure did.  The world lost a great man.  Ernie Harwell past away this week.  I won’t give a regular obit.  You either don’t need it or you can Google it.  The point is for many of us, his death this week allowed us all to reach deep into the rich memories of our childhood or parenthood or both, and smile.

I listened to Ernie call Tiger games from my childhood until deep into parenthood.  Ernie’s sweet Georgian voice accompanied me through many summer chores with the radio going to breezy evenings with the transistor radio under my pillow (I thought I was so sneaky but my dad, as it turned out, always knew).  I received a copy of Tuned to Baseball, Ernie’s first book, as a gift from my dad, who went out of character and had it inscribed to me from Ernie because my dad realized that this was no simple autograph, it had meaning.  It was that book that allowed me to discover the breadth and depth of Ernie Harwell.  My college aged self found his frank and tender discussion of his faith even more inspiring than his broadcasting talents.  From then on, I noticed how he humbly allowed his beliefs to shine appropriately and admirably in public.

A broadcasting friend of Good Ol’ Schmoe’s, JoeMaj, was fortunate enough to have close encounters with the Wonderful Ernie while he was actively pursuing a career in the same profession.  With permission (sort of), I relay his story:

Ernie Harwell was a man amongst men. I am compelled to pay respects to the man tonight. I went to his house and we talked about broadcasting as a career back in 1990. He was a gracious man and made me feel really important that day.  A few years later when I was working at a “rinky dink” radio station, I met him again and he remembered my name and asked me to lunch. I went to lunch with him and his agent Gary Spicer at the Hudson’s restaurant in Westland Mall. The entire place was staring at us while we ate lunch. His voice could be heard across the entire restaurant and when a women approach him for an autograph, while he signed he said to her, he said, “I’d like you to meet the young man that is going to replace me one day…this is JoeMaj (ed-he said his real name)”. That was one of the best moments of my life. In the words of Bruce Springsteen from Prove It All Night, “If dreams came true wouldn’t that be nice”.

So today, I nod upward to you, Ernie.  God Bless.  As I am sure many have done this week, I will end by referencing the passage that Ernie himself referenced each and every spring training at the first broadcast, a reading from Song of Solomon 2:11-12 (KJV):

“For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.”


Posted by Schmoe on 05/06 at 03:06 PM
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas, upon which the entire kid year revolved.

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe writes about going to the A Christmas Story house and never really finishes the entry for some reason.

I knew it existed.  I knew that the house used in the filming of 1983’s Holiday classic A Christmas Story had been opened as a sort of museum or shrine.  And I knew it was a reasonable day-trip away from my place.  But I never really seriously considered visiting it.
I don’t know why I never seriously considered it.  I have seen the movie countless times.  Countless because you cannot count the number. 

Posted by Schmoe on 12/14 at 09:59 PM
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

High Spirits and Good Vibrations

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe writes about seeing his favorite live act and discusses the prevailing feeling emoting onto the event.

It was time for our semi-annual visit from the hardest working rock and roll band on the planet.  Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers were due for their autumn show in the metro Detroit area.  And this time it was back at the Magic Bag in Ferndale.  I needed a good time.  Who doesn’t?  An RCPM show pretty much guarantees a good time and not just because of the honest effort, high spirits, good vibrations, and the prevailing beauty of the music, but because of the communal gathering between your own friends and those that are friends for one or two nights a year.  It really is a beautiful thing among a throng of happy and important people.

So why was my usual happy feelings muted this time?  Was it because it was a…Sunday?  Searing rock and roll on a Sunday?  An independent, 100% effort expending rock and roll quartet in a small bar venue on a SUNDAY?  Yep.  A Sunday.

Not only was it a Sunday, but for me, it was another anniversary of my father’s death.  After nine years of memorial Catholic masses said in my dad’s honor, you get used to it, kind of.  It is somewhat of a solemn day coupled with good times spent with the entire family from my kids and mother down through to my three younger sisters and their families.  I had to switch gears and get ready for rock and roll.  Sometimes that is easily catalyzed with adrenaline and beer and friends.  In this case, the day was buffered a bit by the heavy hand of life.  The day did get steadily more exciting, but not so fast and not so easily.

Another reason for the bit of pall felt over the events may have been that it was the first without our late good friend Greg, who died unexpectedly two and a half months earlier.  I had been to Roger Clyne without Greg before, but just knowing he wasn’t just missing a show, but missing them forever while I was missing them with HIM forever was a healthy but sad emotion.  Memories help.  And they did.  A peruse through photos of RCPM shows past with Greg put a smile back on the face and warmth in the heart.  It will be OK.

Once pieces fell into place, and those pieces were a group of good friends and family members, the night took the correct turn into some place wonderful where, again, I may never come back.  Roger and the boys can transport you through their music to a sonic locale of love and beauty.

Thank you for your time.  And please do yourself a solid and visit for more on the music of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.  Feel free to ask questions here.  You will find more than regular enthusiasm to answer and discuss.


Posted by Schmoe on 10/08 at 11:44 AM
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Friday, October 02, 2009

SchmoeHype UM v msu

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe summarizes weekly information regarding Michigan Football, publishes it in his blog, and dares to call it “hype”.

First and foremost, keep Bree and her family in your thoughts and prayers, thanks to Brian at MGOBLOG:

Last week’s stadium hype vid should be a weekly viewing. Last week the upgraded project finally heard my yelps from last year and resurrected the “The Team. The Team. The Team.” speech, and in a respectful manner (get that sparties?).

Evidence that Michigan grads are way cooler than any of the little sparties I have met.
I know a few sparties that would still call the dude who owns that plane a Walmart Wolverine.  Thanks again to MGOBLOG.

It was the 90th anniversary of Tom Harmon’s birth earlier this week:
And enjoy the real footage again (I am sure you have seen it before):
What a run! Can you imagine watching this live? He was the best player I never saw.

And don’t forget about The Shredder! Two things from him this week. A new movie and a Hate-O-Meter. To understand the movie, you must think 4th dimensionally.

Going to the game this week with JoeMaj and Nate. Go Blue!

P.S. Sunday night, we are visited by the greatest rock and roll band on the planet - Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. At the Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI. Check it out.

Posted by Schmoe on 10/02 at 10:37 AM
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clynetoberfest.  Here’s to Life.

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe wakes up in a good mood and realizes that he will be getting his Peacemaker on in five days.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Look them up. iTunes. Facebook. Ask me for a CD or some digital music. Listen. Enjoy. Take in the hardest working rock and roll band around. Treat yourself. Close your eyes and be transported not only to a borderland full of life, but to a state of mind full of joy.

I just realized RCPM semi-annual visit to my native land (Southeast Michigan) is this Sunday. THIS! {wait for it} SUNDAY!

I was wondering why the female voice coming from the SYNC application in my new Ford Fusion seems a bit annoyed to constantly parrot my command of “Play artist Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers” lately. I thought of teaching the SYNC chick “RCPM”, but I like saying it longhand. Makes me smile. I knew the show was forthcoming, but life’s stresses were clouding my vision. Reality was getting in the way of, well, reality. I need a break for my sanity. I need a margarita for my attitude. I need friends for my demeanor. I need music for my ears. I need a tequila toast for my sincerity. I need to enjoy stories of RCPM concerts past for the memory of my fallen friend Greg.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers provide.

So, join me with what is certain to be good vibes this Sunday, October 4, 2009 at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan. Salud to searing rock and roll. Soak in the feeling with your fellow happy and important people. Close your eyes, sway back and forth, and travel to that little bit of Mexico goodness right here in the Motor City. You will never really come back.

Stay together now,
Good Ol’ Schmoe.
~Early on a Tuesday morning before leaving for work while sipping coffee sweetened with some agave nectar.

Posted by Schmoe on 09/29 at 07:36 AM
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greg Galdes Memorial Golf Outing 2009

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe puts down in writing both what he said aloud and what he wishes he said aloud when he stood up with a microphone in front of the roster of participants at the inaugural Greg Galdes Memorial Golf Outing on September 13, 2009; the message is more refined, but it is essentially the same, especially the tone.

As most of you know, I played golf with Greg countless times in our lives, especially as golf partners for the past 18 years in our golf league.  We played together in many an outing like this one today.  Often times, we played in different groups of the same outing.  We would spread the love.  I have many memories of these outings that we played separately and I am sure the players that played with him have.  One repeated memory was what I saw as we got to the clubhouse after the round.  It was then that I would see the other three people from Greg’s scramble team.  I believe that – always – they would have a smile on their face.  They also may have been shaking their head, looking down a bit, and mumbling to themselves a little at what they had just witnessed for the past four hours plus – but they were smiling.  Greg made them smile.  Maybe it was some small talk he had said that had become a running conversation for the round.  Maybe it was the way he had completely whiffed on the tee box earlier, which was a staple of Greg’s game.  Maybe it was the 20 foot putt he hit 30 feet past or barely three feet at all (take your pick).  Maybe it was a great shot that had come out of nowhere or a long putt sunk and caused his teammates’ jaws to hit the ground before they got around to saying, “Great shot!  Way to go!”  Maybe it was his golf swing, which featured a unique unorthodox hip dance before hitting the ball.  Or maybe their smiles were a result of listening to the many golf tips Greg loved to dispense when he had absolutely no business dispensing.  All of these things were what made a round of golf with Greg enjoyable.  I even remember his team winning on one occasion.  I like to think that he helped that day not necessarily by using his golf skills but by providing the atmosphere of fun, which was, I can attest, the best part of Greg’s golf game.  The result of which was smiles on the faces of all those who played golf with him.

So as all of you came into the clubhouse today after your round and handed me your cards, I noticed the smiles.  Most of you had some remark to make.  Some of the remarks boasted sarcastically of your performance.  Some remarks exuded a little pride and confidence.  Some remarks were just self-deprecating period.  One group even refused to surrender their scorecard, explaining that it really was not needed.  But it seemed that remarks or not, the scorecards were delivered with a smile.  I prefer to believe that at least one corner of each mouth that was smiling today is attributable to Greg’s Spirit shining through.  I’d like to thank you for that.  Thank you for your smiles today.

Thank you for coming today and supporting the memory of Greg as well.  Hope you all had as much fun as your smiles indicate.  It could not have been done without all of you.  Especially, it could not have been done without the hard work and dedication of Greg’s family and friends.  Especially “The Sisters”, as I refer to them:  Greg’s sisters Cheryl, Cindy, Carol, and Cathy.  In addition to The Sisters, special thanks must be extended to Greg’s work colleague and friend Dan Mularski.  Greg’s parents were instrumental in supporting this outing as well as the rest of Greg’s extended family, wife Cathy’s family, and Greg’s extended golf league family, the FSGL.  Thanks to all.  I mean it.  I have received many thanks for getting this outing up and running, and I accept that thanks wholeheartedly.  But I also must point out that I simply put the players in this together.  I threw a bunch of dots on the board and the aforementioned worked hard to connect them all while I watched.  I am not being overly humble, I am being completely honest.  Good work everyone.  Thank you.

Here’s to Greg.  May you keep your feet on the ground at all times.

P.S.  Thanks to the famous Jim for the very generous and impromptu introduction at the outing banquet.  It was unexpectedly meaningful to me.  Appreciated.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Message For My Football Friends in Section 37

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe writes a message to print and distribute at the Michigan - Notre Dame football game on September 12, 2009 in Michigan Stadium and does so.

Dear My Friends and Football Fans in Section 37,

Last week I arrived at my seats in Section 37, Row 21, Seat 9-12 with unfortunate and sad news.  We had lost a friend, a family member, a University of Michigan graduate, and a fellow long time football season ticket holder for 27 years and all around UM sports nut.

Greg Galdes died on Sunday, July 26 2009.  He leaves behind wife Cathy, daughters Yvonne (14) and Bethany (11), mother Virginia and father Charles.  He is also survived by siblings Gary, Cheryl (Carlton Engstrom), Cynthia (Stefan Majlinger), Caroline (Chris Theodorovich) and Catherine (Chris Melody).

You may know Greg and my partner in crime all these years (20 of them in Section 37) as my little plastic horn blowing partner when UM scored.  You may remember him as my “Cheaters!” cheer backup man.  You may remember him as my Halloween Mask Game “twin” in our UM-ugly-football-player-face-masks every home game before Halloween.  You may simply remember him as a fellow Michigan Football Fan.  You may also remember him as the guy I may be found hugging with anxious trepidation and fear for many a late Michigan field goal attempt.  I remember him as a lifelong friend from Little League days through college days and onto the later days of growing older but not up.

Through it all, we went to UM Football games together. 

I want to thank all of you, who had to find out so suddenly and cruelly last week as a new season of happiness dawned for us, for offering your condolences.  I also want to extend my condolences to you, for Greg was part of each every one of our Football Saturdays.  In this we share memories and, along with his brother Gary in the seat next to me, will continue to honor them each and every Michigan Football Saturday.

You may want to visit the website to view a slideshow video produced by Greg’s lifelong friends.

Meanwhile, let me also offer ways to follow any other information about Greg and humanize him some more.  Greg was also my golf partner for 18 years in our league, the Fore Skins Golf League.  Together, we designed the logo, the Fore Skin Cup, and the framework of scoring and camaraderie that the league mandates today.  Please feel free to visit and enjoy our logo here (it is just a men’s golf league, no disrespect intended).

Greg was also an integral part of the only Jimmy Buffett podcast in the world:  Wastin’ Away on the North Coast.  We are available on iTunes and at our website  Greg’s voice can be heard before his untimely death.  Needless to say, the Jimmy Buffett halftime by our very own Michigan Marching Band was emotional for Greg’s friends that were here that day.

Thank you for your time…and…GO BLUE!

Joe “Schmoe” Taschler
Dearborn, Michigan on September 11, 2009
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goofy is not a dog

Goofy is a donkey.

Posted by Schmoe on 09/10 at 08:55 PM
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coming Soon!  To Schmoe’s Cantina!

Salsa straws!  And Cocktail “Juice” Boxes!

Posted by Schmoe on 08/22 at 02:32 PM
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Schmoe says that Landshark Lager is a Good Beer

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe talks about one of his favorite beers just because and then gets all thirsty and drinks one.

Man, I could go for a beer.

Hailing from Florida is a little brewery the locals call the Margaritaville Brewing Co.

Let’s just ignore for now the fact that it is really owned by Anheiser Busch which in turn is really owned by some huge global beer conglomerate from Belgium or something and that the Margaritaville brand itself is part of the Jimmy Buffett Entertainment Empire and just go with it for the right mood.

In this little brew house a sweet magic is summoned, for it seems that Summer itself is fermented into a quaint island style lager that is bottled and delivered to the public for all to enjoy. It says “Landshark Lager” right below the shark fin on the label as well as, if you look closely while tipping the bottle, silhouettes of palm trees.

<swig> Ahhhh.  Just pried one open for myself.

Landshark Lager is my beer of choice every single Wednesday evening after my weekly recreation (golf, wallyball, watching TV) so that I always have a little bit of summer in my week. Serve with lime wedges after opening the bottle with an opener. Think Corona without that hint of a skunky aftertaste*. Whether you enjoy a Landshark with corn chips and a sweet fresh salsa, or with a cheeseburger, or with friends, or with Buffett music, or alongside a cabillito of tequila, or even paired with another Landshark Lager, I predict that you will enjoy.  Try it.

Now off to finish mine while watching Red Wing hockey.

* Thanks to North Coast Mike for that “review”

Here’s to the inevitable Michigan Summer, no matter how short it may be,
~Good Ol’ Schmoe

Posted by Schmoe on 03/12 at 07:42 PM
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Good Ol’ Schmoe Publishes First Real Blog Entry

In which Good Ol’ Schmoe finally gets off his creative ass and writes something, even though it is just copied from what he wrote in Facebook.

I am Good Ol’ Schmoe. This is my blog. What will it contain? Anything I feel like writing about regarding my interests in sports, music, and entertainment. I am sure University of Michigan Football and other sports will appear. Also, stories of stupid things happening in my life past and present. There is not a shortage of material. Stories that involve my friends from our podcast, Wastin Away on the North Coast, particularly those of Cast member and lifelong friend Mike, will be found at Tales of the North Coast. For now, I offer a little social networking site exercise of publishing 25 things about yourself for your friends to read. I make it available here to start this puppy off and do something really easy.

1. A single parent to three teenagers who I “have” over half the time. Yes, teenagers. Please. Help. Me. They drive me nuts when they are with me but I love it - I miss them terribly when they are gone.
2. My dad was my best friend and was taken from his family too soon. He got to experience grandchildren for far too little a time.
3. Old enough to have a son graduating high school this year. Son #1. He’s the individualist. That’s a cool way of saying he disagrees with me on everything. But this discourse with people is his way of learning and will be his strength for the rest of his life. He looks like me.
4. My mother is a saint.
5. I am crazy enough that Son#2 is only 54 weeks younger than his brother. He shares my views mostly. He’s more studious than he would admit. He is probably anxious to get on his own and away from the craziness that is his family, but will never completely cut the cord. He doesn’t look like me.
6. I have three younger sisters. When we were young, they nearly drove me insane. I always acted as if I wanted a brother. But I was always perfectly happy the way it was. I would never have it any other way. Don’t tell them this.
7. My baby is my daughter. 14 years old with severe learning disabilities. She’s my hero. She gets more joy in one day of life than normal people do in a week. She looks like herself.
8. I am still close friends with a whole group of friends from my high school / college days. Along the years, people get added to this gang.
9. I have been a fan of Jimmy Buffett for 30 years. Long before “Parrothead” was a word. Long before his concerts were outrageously priced. Long before he concerts even came close to selling out.
10. I work for Ford Motor Co. It is fun sometimes. They pay me.
11. I am a cast member of the only Jimmy Buffett themed podcast in the world. Wastin’ Away on the North Coast ( It is always fun. I don’t get paid.
12. I love to strum air acoustic guitar. I also can be seen pounding a mean air piano. But my secret air instrument passion is air drums.
13. I love watching the High School Musicals flicks with my daughter.
14. I am a smart ass.
15. I talk with my hands. It is so bad that I type on an imaginary PC keyboard in front of me when I talk about how I was emailing someone or on the internet. I cannot stop doing this.
16. Only six times I have ventured outside of the Eastern Time Zone proper. Half of those were trips to Chicago.
17. Static electricity shocks scare me. Every time.
18. My nose and throat are wired more openly than the average human. Items routinely get uncomfortably passed from my throat up into my nose. I routinely have problems with raw carrots and Twizzlers. Once, I passed a whole raisin.
19. I am a big fan of Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers and The Refreshments. Look it up, or I’d write about it for pages. Had the pleasure of interviewing Roger on the WAOTNC podcast mentioned above.
20. Before I ventured into the real world, I spent seven years working at Perry Drugs. Had a great time through high school and college working there. Miss those days.
21. I have some Miley Cyrus songs on my iPod.
22. In May 2008 I ventured to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico for Circus Mexicus, via Arizona and the Sonoran Desert. It was a life-affirming adventure. I met people that I now and forever will call friends. The centerpiece Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers concert was a religious experience. I have never really come back.
23. I sweat a lot while working out.
24. I went to the 1998 Rose Bowl and experienced, in person, my Michigan Wolverines complete an undefeated season and fulfill a national championship dream. Anyone who says they would rather watch on television is full of shit.
25. I will NOT tell the cat story.

Go Blue,

Posted by Schmoe on 03/05 at 04:13 PM
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